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Family Entertainment Zone
Where Fun Unites Families!

Thrilling Family Entertainment Centre: High-octane fun for all ages!

Family Entertainment Centre

Join the fun at High Octane! Roll the dice, win prizes, and relish the carnival vibe. Fun-filled Happy Hippo Carnival!

Happy Hippo Carnival

Vibrant teamwork, strategic wins – paintball: an exhilarating symphony of color, chaos, and tactics! 

Gun Shooting

Pool Snooker: A thrilling cue sport fusion at High Octane Entertainment Center!

Pool Snooker

Enter the arcade, a realm of pixelated fun, where every joystick press sparks joy and excitement.

Arcade Games

Fire away in the immersive gunshooting realm, where precision meets action. Engage, aim, and conquer

Paint balls

Fun Zone

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